Dr Har & TV interviews this week

>> Friday, November 5, 2010

Alhamdulillah, here I am.

Being quite awhile since I last updated the blog.

Syifa' reminded me just now - and yes, I feel it is a duty now to share my life with you all, my dear sisters and brothers.

This week is a record week - for myappearances in our local TV channels.
I was invited to appear live in Nasi Lemak Kopi O TV9 last Sunday Oct 31st 9.00am, talking about.... of course you all would have guessed the topic lah! - Seks dan Kehidupan. The session was moderated by my sweet sister Farah Adeeba.

Then, Monday 1st Nov 8.15pm, I appeared in Agenda ASTRO AWANI with Dzulfitri Yusof to inform the public of an East Asian Ministerial Forum on Families next week - 8-10th Nov, and I am going to be one of the panelists in the roundtable session - interesting topic : Building Family Resiliency : creating `bounce-back' families!

Come Tuesday, I watched myself in action in an evening slot Liga Ilmu ASTRO OASIS, a prerecorded session ( somewhere in July) with moderator Ust Zul, panelists Ustaz Tarmizi dan Salleh Yaakob - nice topic ` Sayang isteri tangan-tangankan?'

And on Wednesday Nov 3rd, at 10.30pm ( I was already yawning several times in between camera) - I appeared in Hujah TV9 with Aziz Desa and two girls from KEWAJA in the hot discussion on ` Masa Depan Sekolah Harapan'. Heated discussion, indeed....

Well, I pray that Allah SWT will accept those small contributions as a symbol of total submission to His Supreme Power...Amin.


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