MIYAKI TSUNAMI 2011: For my Japanese Brothers & Sisters : I share, I care

>> Monday, March 21, 2011


I am sure we are still recovering from the shock of witnessing the Miyaki Tsunami that hit northeast Japan on that Friday afternoon, 110311. I was driving home that afternoon from work when I heard the radio deejays mentioning about the quake and tusnami. Once I reached home, I quickly tuned in to CNN/BBC & Al-Jazeera - and I could not believe my eyes! Masya Allah, it was as if I was watching the movie 2012, only that this time, I kept telling to myself, `This is not a movie scene with coumputerized special-effects! This is for REAL!!

As for my brothers and sisters in Japan, especially those who are directly affected,the feeling of helplessness and distraught might be too overwhelming to bear. It will probably take years to build up your lives again. What you had built slowly over those years, was just swept away in a matter of minutes.Once again, do not be despair. I believe, whatever that is coming your way after this, is for the better, not otherwise. Historically, you all have proven your resilliency. And we really have to learn a lot from your courage, determination and hope.

Don't despair, for God is always there by your side. I share and I care, you all are in my prayers. My NGO Jamaah Islah Malaysia & IKRAM Malaysia, plus all the other institutions within - are conveying this big banner as our symbol of solidarity , and we're handing it over to the representative from Japanese Embassy in Kuala Lumpur today.

To my dear friend Dr. Hiroko Yoshida, who is currently in Medical School, American University of the Carribean, I hope everyone back home in Japan are safe and sound.

Love : Dr.Har

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