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(For tips no. 1 -45, kindly scroll down to blog entry on July 26 - enjoy the tips!)

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICERS: Tip. no 46 -Convince yourself that you play a very important role in the healthcare system of the country. You might feel like a slave sometimes, being pushed around, instructed to do this & that. Just bear with those a little while more. You will soon transform to be a matured, experienced medical officer,in-charge of junior HOs who come after you.

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICERS: Tip. no 47 - Think seriously about starting a family soon. Family commitment pushes you to another level of life and forces you to consider others in making decisions. If you're still looking for the right suitor, keep on praying. If you already have the potential suitor, just proceed making arrangement for a simple wedding. Let's continue with life..do not get stuck forever with your career!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICERS: Tip. no 48 - Clear up your mind, clean up your heart regularly and constantly. Spend your holiday in a quiet, peaceful outdoor environment. Keep in touch with nature. Feel the magnificent power of God, the Creator around you. Remind yourself, how small, weak and dependent you are to God's help every second of your life. Pray - O Allah, just don't leave me alone!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICERS: Tip. no 49 - Have the courtesy to meet and thank all your consultants, clinical specialists, registrars and MOs whom you have worked with, before finishing your posting in that particular department. Do not just disappear into thin air. Greet them at the corridors, acknowledge their presence.

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICERS: Tip. no 50 - Get use to the fact that `Once a doctor, always a doctor!'. Internalize life-long learning commitment. You are allowed to add the title `Dr.' to your name, but be aware of the responsibilities that come with it. Prove that you deserve such a noble title to be put in front of your own name!

Dr. Har

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ruffey August 30, 2011 at 12:58 PM  
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Dr Heba September 14, 2011 at 11:40 PM  

u r a luvly woman...MASHALLAH
luv readin these tips....n d accomplishments its such a push..

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