Phewww..Marathon Talks on Sexual Issues

>> Thursday, August 5, 2010

You all better believe this....I have been talking almost every night since last week on these issues on sexuality! Here goes....

30 July -
Forum Isu Pendidikan Semasa : Pendidikan Seks : Penawar @ Racun - organized by MPPUKM
2 Aug -
AGENDA AWANI - Astro Awani : Buang Bayi - penyelesaian holistik - bersama Dato' Aminah, Ketua Pengarah LPPKN & Zulfitri as moderator
3 Aug -
Forum Mahasiswa & Seksualiti - organized by Kolej Mawar UiTM
4 Aug-
Forum Bicara Ad Din, Pesta Konvo UKM ke 38 - tajuk : Mereka berhak hidup
5 Aug- (InsyaAllah)
Sek Men Agama WPKL Manjalara, Kepong - Remaja & Seksualiti

Last night in UKM, I was the third panelist, together with AP Dr. Fariza (FPIUKM) and Ustz Alui Parman (JAIS). In my final round, with tears in my eyes and shaky voice almost close to breaking down, I BEGGED the young students to think, rethink and reflect - esp those who are sexually active out of wedlock - to FEAR ALLAH who is forever watching and observing!

How could anyone continue the wrongdoings while still breathing the air, eating food, enjoying the health of a good pumping heart - all of which come from Allah SWT alone???

How far would those talks effective? Wallahu a'lam ( only Allah knows best). I could only deliver and call to enjoin good. The end result is beyond me.............


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annur September 19, 2010 at 11:49 PM  

teringin sgt nak dengar talk dr scr live.
insya Allah, kita dah usaha. moga Allah tetapkn iman generasi kini & akn dtg utk jauhi zina.

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