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>> Tuesday, July 27, 2010


InsyaAllah, Jumaat malam Sabtu ni, Dr.Har dijemput menjadi panel dalam forum yang dianjurkan oleh MPP UKM ni. Tajuk menarik - Pendidikan Seksualiti : Racun atau Penawar? InsyaAllah, akan berganding dgn Ustaz Zamri dan Tuan Musa Awang.

So, macamana ? Apa kata survei? Apa pandangan ANDA? Bila masanya pendidikan seksualiti jadi penawar, bila pula ianya jadi racun?


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iman July 28, 2010 at 10:20 PM  


Prof Har,this is a very good topic to be discussed!(n panels yg lain pun beesst sgt...)unfortunately same date n time with d program we are doing...

Naturally,i would think that sex edu is d penawar of d social prob now,but deep inside i always feel like if sex edu memang diamalkan,there must be some downside too,and its downside may be just as scary as d condition happening now.Most of the time i just thought that maybe i dont know much about sex education n i should actually

So i hope Prof Har will share some of the info that will be discussed (as you always did,:D)..looking forward to it Prof,sorry can't make it...

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