Alhamdulillah, Maher Zain is here in town!!

>> Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Yesss, you better believe this - but Maher Zain is here in Malaysia!

I just came back from hosting the dinner, welcoming this very fine, talented, friendly young man and his small entourage.

On behalf of Raudhatus Sakinah, I thank Allah SWT for facilitating the effort of bringing MZ all the way here from Sweden. We are indeed fortunate to have generous sponsors plus enthusiastic media representatives to support us. Not too forget the local nasyid group - InTeam and Aisyah, who will be performing along with MZ during the showcase.

I know there are so many of you all out there - feeling disappointed and sad for not getting the tickets this time around. Do not despair, InsyaAllah, MZ is coming back to Malaysia soon. Pray that the next plan will somewhat work out....Amin.

MZ in person - is as warm and pleasant as his soothing voice that sweeps your heart away. He was kind enough to write this long message for my three children

` To my brother Syamil and sisters Syifa' and Deena. I wish you a great success in this life and in akhirat - paradise. May Allah bless your beautiful mother, she's doing something amazing. Plz promise me to always take good care of her. And I pray that Allah always blesses your family.

Your brother : Signed Maher Zain
Let's pray to Allah SWT - to ensure that his showcase wil be a great success for dakwah to everyone - young and old.

For those who managed to secure the tickets, see you all in MBSA Auditorium Shah Alam Oct 14 & 15, InsyaAllah. Those who could not manage to get the tickets, keep on praying, InsyaAllah you'll be selected by Allah to be there to join him in the next tour to Malaysia.


3 responses:

SM@A October 5, 2010 at 3:28 PM  

Salam Dr Har

My son and daughters really looking forward Maher Zain concert, but unfortunately all tickets sold out.
Hopefully, he'll come back again to Malaysia for another concert.

Unknown October 5, 2010 at 8:50 PM  

salam prof har..

i miss u..
i miss ukm..

Nur H October 6, 2010 at 4:47 PM  

k. Har!

Photos and long personal messages?? Now that's too much :)

miss U, k. Har.

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