I received a call from my teacher today...

>> Wednesday, June 29, 2011


After being a teacher for quite sometimes now, I realized that my life actually rotates around my students ( my own children included, of course).

However, I was so thrilled this morning when I heard a familiar voice at the end of the phone line : ` Dr. Harlina, I am Dr Raja Khuzaiah. Can I have a few minutes of your time?'

Prof Dato' Dr R.Khuzaiah was one of my teachers in Paeds, in HKL.
She is inviting me to talk in an international meeting involving leaders of Muslim women next Sept.

How can I decline such an invitation? Especially, when it comes from my TEACHER whom I have learned from so much.

Then she asked, ` You're from UKM, right Harlina? These days, when I saw you and the other girl, Muhaya ( Prof Dr Che' Muhaya - Dari Mata ke Hati, ASTRO PRIMA)on TV, I feel so proud of you all! I replied, `Oh Dato' you're very much a part of our upbringing'.`No lah Harlina, I played a very minimal role, the rest of it, was actually your own doings.'

I beg to differ, no matter how small his/her contribution looks like in the eyes of a teacher, it is always very significant to the learner's life journey & experience.

Thank you Prof. Dato' for making that call today. Thank you for being proud of me. Thank you for being a part of my growth.

Thank you to all my teachers. Only Allah can repay your dedication, commitment and effort.

Oh Allah, reward all my teachers ( wherever they are) with Your Jannah and Your Blessings, for they deserve nothing less than that! Amin

Dr. Har

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kuizikel July 22, 2011 at 11:26 PM  

alhamdulillah, pasti cikgu2 bangga dengan anak2 muridnya.. semoga Allah merahmati cikgu2 kita yer Dr...

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