It was my 45th birthday yesterday!

>> Thursday, June 2, 2011


Alhamduillah, I am officially 45 years old yesterday! Looking at those figure, I wonder if I have much time left before taking my last bow. Reflecting on all those years, I pray that Allah SWT will accept all the little deeds that I had done, and reward me with His Blessings, Love & Care. Yaa Latif, Ultuf bina ( be gentle on me!)

I received so many prayers and greetings from family, friends and my students who are more like my own children. Cannot stop thanking Allah who groomed me to be a teacher! I had a nice surprise coming back to my office after a long faculty meeting - cupcakes & a nice big slice of chocolate cake with pecan nuts! JZKK anak-anak Rahmah, Iman, Tawi, Farih & geng , JZKK Dr Husna! As for the beautiful card from Ustaz Zul & kids - just drop by my FB page.
Dr. Har

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