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>> Sunday, May 3, 2009


Last Thursday, 30th April, Dr.Har diminta oleh a pharmaceutical company, Bayer Schering Pharma to chair their 5th Asia Pacific MIRENA Academy at Hotel Crowne Plaza KL.

My first experience in chairing an international meeting - Alhamdulillah, segala pengalaman menjadi Ketua Wanita JIM dan mempengerusikan banyak mesyuarat setakat ini dimanfaatkan sepenuhnya dari mula sampai akhir.

Around 100 participants attended - besides Malaysian doctors, ada participants from The Phillipines, Pakistan, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore. I was so honoured to have my dearest best friend Sister Dr. Hafidzah Mustakim ( K.Peed) - Ketua Wanita JIM Kelantan was also among the participants. Key speakers - Prof. Sven Olaf Skouby from Copenhagen Denmark & Dr. Andrew Zuschmann from Sydney Aust.

Most challenging was during the Q&A sessions. Almaklum, begitu ramai nak bertanya - belum lagi yang nak bagi berjela-jela komen on the topics, memandangkan yang datang ni bukan calang-calang orang kat tempat asal depa.

So, I decided to use my mandate as the chair - mungkin boleh jadi tips untuk sesiapa yang kena mempengerusikan majlis atau mesyuarat yang dijangkakan hangat.

First I gave out the outline of the sessions - all are encouraged to come forward to the microphone to ask the speakers. There is no such thing as stupid questions - the only stupid question is the one left unanswered when there is ample opportunities to ask and clarify.

Then show of hands - since ada nine hands coming up - I divided the session into two parts - part one for the first five participants then the rest. I asked them all to come line up at the mic - and to remind the one in front who got carried away with their comments & questions, by gently tapping the shoulder so the person will be reminded that there are some more people waiting for their turns. Kumpulkan soalan, then the speakers jawab secara ringkas. Alhamdulillah, by doing so, all questions were asked and answered. And everyone was happy!

During break and lunch, a few participants came up and commented - I like the way you chair - the meeting become very efficient and punctual. Alhamdulillah! At the end of the session, the Regional Product Manager, Marc Wittehuer & Crosby the PR manager jumpa Dr.Har and hoped that I could chair again for them next time around!

Lesson learnt : Grab whatever opportunities to explore new area - challenge your comfort zone!


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