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>> Sunday, May 3, 2009


Dr.Har tengah baca satu buku karangan Linda & Richard Eyre : Lifebalance - How to Simplify and Bring Harmony to Your Everyday Life.

Menurut penulisnya, Balance ada tiga :
1. Priority balance - balancing between work & family
2. Goal balance - between achievements & relationships
3. Attitude balance - between structure & spontaneity.

I am really engrossed with the third balance - which I seriously trying to understand. It is the balance between being firm, rigid and structured with being flexible & spontaneous. Then I found the word SERENDIPITY - which is defeined in this book as : finds something GOOD while looking for something else.

Actually, if things do not work out as planned, don't get upset! Before you start throwing your tantrum around - PAUSE......look around, and grab the chance to do something else! InsyaAllah, there is nothing wasteful about life. You just have to learn to be more aware of the serendipity surrounding you!

So, now - each morning , during my Subuh prayer - I will pray hard : Oh Allah, grant me the strength to discover the beauty in EVERYTHING You have in store for me!



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