Mirena Academy Indonesia 2009 - 100509

>> Thursday, May 14, 2009


This is the second session on Mirena ( LNG-IUS : an intrauterine system for contraception) that I am involved in within two weeks. After the 5th Asia-Pacific Mirena Academy in Kuala Lumpur on 300409, I was speaking to about 100 Indonesian O&G specialists in Yogjakarta - topic of my talk : Counselling for Mirena Users - General & Islamic perspectives.

The main concern for the doctors is dealing with the irregular pervaginal bleeding that might be experienced by the Mirena users - as regards to whether it is haidh or istihadhah.

Alhamdulillah, kesedaran para doktor utk melengkapkan diri dengan pengetahuan asas hukum fiqh sejak kebelakangan ini amat menggalakkan. Keperdulian ini amat bermakna, agar perkhidmatan kesihatan dan perubatan sentiasa diberikan dengan tahap kepekaan yang tinggi terhadap sosio-budaya dan amalan beragama para pesakit.

I am grateful to Allah SWT who has opened the door for me to step out of Malaysia and share my experience with others.

InsyaAllah, on 5-7th June, will be in Beijing for the second Asia-Pacific Mirena FORUM pulak, as a speaker cum trainer. Will keep you all updated on this trip, InsyaAllah.


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