FIGO 2009 Cape Town S. Africa 031009-091009

>> Saturday, November 7, 2009


Sempat bertandang ke Cape Town S. Africa to attend FIGO World Congress. Yang best tu, dapat duduk kat a very cosy guesthouse ( macam home stay) kat District Six lepas tak dapat duk hotel sebab ada problem with the internet booking. Managed to rekindle my ukhuwwah with Dr. Fahmi Williams ( a pediatrician), Sis Fareeda ( his wife) and their granddaughter - Hamida. Every night, kena dinner dengan this beautiful family. Malam terakhir, Dr.Har buat cooking demo ` chicken curry with potatoes', sukanya depa! Cape Town is such a beautiful place. InsyaAllah, April 2010, kena gi Cape Town lagi, ada invitation utk. jadi speaker di Annual Conference for Islamic Medical Association of S.Africa (IMASA). Ada yang nak ikut sekali? We might be able to go together!



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